My Story

Hunter had been around square dancing all of his life, having been dragged from dance to dance by his grandparents and parents. After the death of his grandfather – his hero – in 2002, Hunter decided that he wanted to do something that would always remind him of his grandfather, and decided to start taking square dance lessons in 2004. A mere six months later, with encouragement from the caller teaching him how to dance, George Moore, he picked up a microphone and began calling. He eventually would become the caller for four Billings clubs: the Magic Diamonds, the 59ers, the Hoedowners, and, in 2008, reviving the club his grandparents formed, the Checkerboard Squares. 

Hunter called his first festival in July of 2007 in California. He has called in 46 states while also traveling to Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden and Taiwan to call. Hunter has been staff on square dance land and cruise vacations to various locations around the world as well.

In 2006, he became a member of Callerlab and is a member Callerlab Ways and Means Committee and the Callerlab Marketing Committee. Hunter is also past Callerlab Liaison for the State of Montana and is the past Chairman of the Callerlab Youth Committee.

In October of 2007, Hunter attended the 4Dance Caller’s Academy in Napa, California with Scot Byars as the instructor. In June of 2008, he also attended the Yellowstone Callers College in West Yellowstone, Montana with Tony Oxendine and Jerry Jestin as the instructors. Both of these callers colleges were made possible by the Bob Mace Memorial Fund. Bob Mace was a caller that Hunter grew up around when his parents and grandparents danced. Thank you to that fund for bettering callers.

In August of 2008, Hunter was honored with a chance to become a recording artist for Royal Records. He recorded his first song, Wild Horses by Garth Brooks (Hunter's biggest musical influence), in October of that year and has since gone on to record over 25 square dance records.

In 2010, with the guidance of Larry and Susan Sperry, Hunter began to cue round dancing. Hunter currently cues through phase 4. 

After the death of his grandmother, Shirley, in January of 2014, Hunter, along with the help of Grand Square Inc. (GSI), formed the Frank & Shirley Leenknecht Caller's Scholarship Fund. Hunter believes that this fund will not only help preserve the memory of his grandparents, but also help callers, which is what Frank & Shirley loved to do. Whether it was putting them up at the house, setting up a dance, or cooking for them, his grandparents believed callers deserved the best treatment possible. This fund will continue to honor their memory and their wishes.

Hunter’s influences include, first and foremost, his grandparents, Frank & Shirley Leenknecht, his father and mother, Dave & Tina Keller, plus many renowned callers and cuers from around the world. 

Hunter currently resides in Billings, Montana where he works as a Funeral Director's Assistant while studying for his Mortuary Science Degree. He is a ten-year 4-H alumni, a former 4-H leader, and a former Jaycees Member. .